A sex club where you can be yourself and be a gentleman at the same time

A club for gentlemen, a private home for clients who know what respect is for the women they sleep with, that's Park118, the Gentlemen's Club Amsterdam. We don't just claim that, our customers point out to us. Clients, gentlemen, who, for example, attend conferences in the capital of the Netherlands and end up with us ...

The Gentlemen's Club Amsterdam

It is not always respectful to the ladies in the Red Light District of Amsterdam, for example. Window prostitutes who are laughed at from the street, photographed or whose time is wasted because the alleged customers simply walk away after price negotiations (on the street!). You will NOT experience these and such scenes at Park118. No, at the Sarphatipark 118 in Amsterdam men are gentlemen and women ladies, who give each other a beautiful, exciting and respectful get-together.

Gentlemen's Club Amsterdam: symbiosis between gentleman and lady

Complete discretion from the moment you step on your doorstep. For example, you will not meet other customers. But also the guarantee that our ladies and their methods work fully in accordance with the rules of the competent authority. At no point do you have to worry, and everything is (more than) according to the hygiene and furnishing regulations; you just have to be yourself. No one says what to do, where to stand, how to dress; we trust (completely) on you as a gentleman for our ladies. And we trust our ladies as a hostess for you as a customer.

Evidence: Long-term ladies and repeat customers

What the lady of your choice and you do and say behind the door of the intimate space is entirely up to you and her. The fact remains that many of our customers, nationally and internationally, return regularly. Fortunately, our turnover is super small, so a renewed get-together is almost always possible. For us and for the vast majority of customers, this is proof that both you and the lady in question have gotten to know each other better in a respectful and civilized way. And that is how it should be when you are in the Gentlemen's Club Amsterdam.