Our building is located directly opposite the Sarphatipark and is recognizable by the black facade and with a large house number plate 118. After ringing the bell, you will hear the front door electronically unlocked by means of a buzzing sound, after which you can immediately open the front door. You will then be immediately out of sight of the street in a hall with a second closed connecting door. This will be opened by the hostess / host and you will be taken to the proposal room. We ensure that during your stay in our private house no other customers will meet, so that you can visit our private house completely anonymously and discreetly. The hostess / host will leave you alone in the proposal room, after which the available ladies will introduce themselves to you 2 by 1.

You remember the name of the lady who addresses you and when the hostess returns to you a little later, you can indicate to her whether and with which lady you want to relax in one of our attractive rooms. You can also indicate how long you want to stay and whether you want to use a jacuzzi and / or sauna (see price list). Of course you can decide not to go to the room if there is not a lady of your taste. That is no problem at all, we would like to see you again another time, the entrance is free.

If you go to the room with 1 or 2 ladies, the hostess / host will pay you and the lady of your choice will pick you up with a drink for you, which you have passed on to the hostess / host. Then the lady will accompany you to the room for your exciting erotic get-together with her. If you would like to extend your erotic get-together, you can inform the lady in the room. She then settles the bill with you and brings this to the hostess so that she also knows that you are staying longer and that the room cannot be forgiven to another customer. You can discuss any extra actions that the lady offers you in the room with her.

Since we are not a club, we do not charge an entrance fee. There is no bar, so no club formula with animated ladies. Also, no alcohol is served. Your discretion and anonymity is therefore guaranteed.
At Park 118 you can pay with cash, credit card or debit card.

Upon departure, the lady of your choice will see if you can leave our private house without encountering other customers. And the hostess / host will let you out at the front door.

We hope you will enjoy your stay in our private house.