Discretion assured in our private home

The private house Amsterdam has long been Park 118, at the Sarphatipark 118 of our capital.

Of course you know the Amsterdam Red Light District. In the late XNUMXs, many sex seekers complained that they could not get their convenience there anonymously. That was the reason for the previous management to open a sex establishment at the Sarphatipark where customers could enter virtually unseen and, once inside, could find their convenience unknown but very much loved.

Privéhuis Amsterdam, an example for sex clubs

Yes, you read that right: “the previous management”. Privéhuis Amsterdam has had only two management boards since the 118s: the founders and we, the continuators. Therefore Park XNUMX has a good relationship with: the health authorities, with the competent authorities, with the neighbors and especially with the ladies themselves who work with us. Don't think our rooms have decor from the days when Buddy Holly and Elvis were all the rage. Both our predecessors and we have continuously adapted the relaxation areas to the quality and furnishing requirements that apply and apply at all times.

Privéhuis Amsterdam, an example for sex clubs

We are a fully licensed sex company, abuse did not occur and do not occur with us. The turnover in ladies is unprecedentedly small and we have a reservoir of regular customers that many private houses or sex clubs can dream of. Normally we don't shout this from the rooftops, but with the advancing insights regarding the internet we “have to”. Not that we mind, after all, the internet is our second thing, but it does force us to look at what makes us so different now.

What makes Privéhuis Amsterdam different

We've already said it and it's actually simple: beautiful ladies, loyal to themselves, to their customers and to us. Plus the good and effective relationships with the authorities, and for you - as a potential customer - the highest discretion and hygiene standards. So when you are standing in the sheltered niche on the step with six steps to number 118H, when you ring the bell out of sight of everyone, you know that nothing stands in the way of meeting your wishes for intimacy and sex.