Park118 is a sex club in Amsterdam

Privéhuis Park118 is a sex club in Amsterdam. In the XNUMXs and XNUMXs there was a clearer distinction between the concepts of sex club and private house. In a club you could sit at the bar or in armchairs, enjoy pole dancing performers and, after a drink or two or three, you were tempted by one of the ladies to go upstairs. Or downstairs, depending on where the sex rooms of the club in question were located. A private house was more like a collection of small tendon rooms with a central reception room in some cases. Behind the scenes there was a ladies' room where the prostitutes took their breaks and could wait for customers when it was quiet.

If you say Sexclub Amsterdam, you say Privéhuis118

Today, that difference in definition is less significant. The main reason for this is actually the internet. Every self-respecting paid sex provider has a website where potential customers can see what they might end up in and which girls are on the target day. One operator calls his club a private house while there are catering facilities, the other calls himself a sex club while there are no private but public performances.

Private ladies and customers determine it themselves

We also call our private home a sex club for the simple reason that almost all of our ladies have a regular customer base. For those customers we are their club, their sex club. Well, and who are we then to correct them in that? In addition, the Netherlands and Amsterdam have one of the strictest hygiene and design rules in the world for sex companies - and we are happy to comply with that. Fortunately, our government agencies do not impose requirements on how we designate our club. In any case, our ladies and their customers determine for themselves in that area what they call their work or relaxation place. And we, as facilitators of supply and demand between ladies and their customers, are of course very happy!

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